Vinyl and Neon – our party concept


Our love for techno music made us join forces. Our concept ‘ vinyl and neon ‘ on techno parties where DJ’s play techno from vinyl and decoration is boosted by neon light sculptures shows our vision of an authentic experience.

Remy de Feyter; neon artist and glassblower for more than 20 years produces the artwork for twtsm.

In 1993 I began to work in the neon sign industry. It is a job working with glass, gas and graphics. Designing a sign is a great part of the process. A few years later I started using neon as an art form. Bending neon in 3D combined with ‘hot’ blown glass and welded iron frames I create unique light sculptures.

Dieter Vorderhake; DJ for more than 20 years produces the music for twtsm.

I started DJ-ing in 1990 at small private parties. After visiting Turn up the Bass parties, Club Roxy and ‘Here we go again’ after parties I chose for vinyl in 1993 which I have never exchanged for CD’s or MP3. Since then I wanted to reach the goal of getting the crowd moving on uplifting underground music.

I bought my first studio equipment in 1995 to get an idea of what was involved in producing techno music. After the virus struck me, my next purchase was a Clavia Nord Lead which is still present in my current setup. My studio expanded, and now more than two decades later I still produce tracks using virtual analog synthesizers using an analog mixing table.

Keep the traditions alive. Vinyl and Neon, original handcrafted, that is what we promote and show at our parties.